There are many reasons why someone might choose to come into counselling.  For example, It maybe that they are going through a crisis, relationship difficulties, bereavement, abuse or anxiety. Emotional distress can be experienced at any time in our lives, and talking to friends or family may not be enough. It may be then that you might seek professional help.

It takes a lot of courage to make that first step without perhaps not knowing what to expect.

The counselling relationship first and foremost is built on trust, and not judgement.   Counselling is a process which happens when a client and counsellor meet on a regular weekly basis in order to explore emotional and stressful feelings together.

By looking at these together, this in turn can help you to see things more clearly and with a different perspective.  Thus enabling you to focus on feelings, experiences, or patterns of behaviours with a view to be able to make positive changes to your life.


Below are some of the issues which may be addressed in therapy:

•Low Self Esteem
•Lack of Confidence
•Social Phobia
•Panic Attacks